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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I should really post more journal entries, but hardly anyone looks at them anyways so why bother? -___-

WELL ANYWAYS, In response to Dare's Journal entry I have decided to write one of my own about our trip! :D So here goes:

Well, as Mandi said, the first hotel we stayed in wasn't that great. My Mother and Father were going berserk because they thought someone was gonna try to accost us in the middle of the night. "Three young girls in a room alone," They said. "With all of the drunk, stupid and shady people around here we can't take chances so we aren't letting you out of your room." So the dog got to sleep with us that night.
The evening was fine, we went to outback steakhouse and brought back a steak-filled doggy bag for the actual doggy and went back to our hotel. When we arrived my cohorts immediately jumped in the shower (Separately..) and washed all of the dirt off of their bodies. I on the other hand was quite comfortable with my natural Sammi self so I had no reason to add another clean-freak to the earth, not to mention the hotel's water bill. When I did eventually use the restroom I trod on Vicki's wet towel, and noticed the faint Vicki-Mandi footprints. Lifting up my foot I left a print as black as black could be and insisted that it must be in the carpet. The dog was constantly pining for my mother all evening and finally I hauled him into the bed Dare and I were sharing so that he would just SHUT. UP. GOD! And in regards to the creaking from the next room over, actually the noisiest and most frightening part of that first night for me was when I pinched my sister's backside while she wasn't looking and she jumped six feet in the air off of the bed, screaming to the high heavens. My ear rang. GOD, who knew a child could make that kind of sound?!!!!!! My first fear was that our neighbors would come charging out of their rooms screaming bloody murder, demanding to know what that noise was. My second thought was "GOD THE MANAGER IS GOING TO SPEAR OUR HEADS ON A STICK" And put 'em out to show people what happens to those who disturb the peace!! JESUS!!!!!!

The countryside of Pennsylvania was pretty, but I couldn't whip my camera out fast enough to take the shot of some trees I wanted to get. Mommy forgot her wallet at Starbucks which added two hours to the trip, but I didn't really mind because we were all too absorbed in Pokemon to notice. We stayed at my Grandma's two nights during which most of my time was spent trying to get a picture of a hummingbird in flight with my new-found 'sport's mode on my camera. On the last night Dare and I stayed awake until 3 o'clock catching Pokemon and defeating the elite four, constantly screaming at each other that we had to "KILL THEM DEAD"!! We were more than a bit crazy from lack-of-sleep. The third day we set out for the beach.
When we got there my Dad gave our car to the hotel ppl and told us to get everything out of our car cuz it wouldn't be available to us. We lugged our stuff upstairs and crashed for the night. The next morning was the beach, but Dare and I were lazy-BUMS and didn't get out of bed until like, 12 and it took a lot of persuading to get us to done our suits. Finally when we got to the beach we spent most of our afternoon hunting a type of beach crustacean known as a "Sand Flea". Vicki caught one almost as big as her head and I dug up a nest of them, causing the things to try and dig through my hand to escape. Later that day we walked around and ate dinner, then saw the fireworks. All in all a good day.
The second day we all had horrible sunburns. Dare's shoulders, back, legs, and everything in between had nearly been fried off, and my sister's shoulders were torched. My only burns were on the backs of my legs, thanks to my hour-long catnap after becoming fed-up with sand-crabs, and my earlier thought of, "Now how could I get sun on the backs of my legs? I don't need a lot of sunscreen there..." As soon as we woke up we found ourselves on a fishing boat headed out to sea. We brought our sunscreen and fished for two hours, eventually getting a haul which consisted of three pufferfish, one flying fish or "sea robin", and a whole bucket-load of ocean perch or something. I don't remember what they were, but they were silver, tasted good, and weren't nearly as interesting as the other fish. So that afternoon we all stepped out onto the balcony and chucked bread at seagulls flying by our window. After two or three birds we were mobbed by a mass of like a bazillion birds clamoring to get in on the action. We laughed our butts off until my Mom took the bread away, before we could feed the whole loaf to the hungry birds.
The third day we children watched TV for the whole morning until our parents came back and told us to get off our lazy rears. Vicki and I went down to the pool, and I got tormented by the hot tub, into which I could only put the bottoms of my feet. After swimming around for a few minutes I saw that Vicki had gingerly eased herself into the steaming water with the speed of a snail. I tried to do that, I really did. But after I got half of the first portion of my legs into the water, I said you know what, screw it. I dunked my legs, bit my lip, hung onto the railing and cried angrily, "I HATE THE BEACH I HATE THE BEACH I HATE THE BEACH I HATE THE BEACH I HATE THE BEACH I HATE............." And so on. They eventually stopped burning. I then proceeded to rub my legs, scrubbing off the dead skin. I thought to myself that if I dunked my legs in hot water, then froze them in the pool, then burned them, then froze them, I could get the sunburn to heal quicker. Don't ask me what my reasoning was, I just thought it would help for some odd reason. Ithen proceeded to jump into the pool and swim for a minute. I got out and, not being the patient type, jumped back into the hot tub. The pain was so searing, so mind boggling, so will-sapping that I screamed, jumped up above the water level, and hastily ran up the stairs to plunge immediately back into the pool. I will never try that again.
The next day was Washington day and I was getting FREAKING FED-UP with the traffic, so I detached myself from the outside world and listened to songs on my iPod. We went out, ate, then went to the Smithsonian, visiting the Air and Space, the Natural history, and one other museum I can't begin to remember, much less care about. My favorite exhibits didn't consist of huge airplanes, sparkling gems or humungous fossils as some other people might tell you, but rather included an exhibit about the world's best nature photography, and my personal favorite at the museum in the Air and Space, inside which was the famed display of freeze-dried space food, which Percy Jackson used to kill the Nemean Lion.
The next day we visited the memorials that we had time for, including the Lincoln monument. I looked at the wall and read "Four score and seven years ago..." For the first time in my life, understood it all, and it actually meant something to me. Unfortunately for my sister, she read it, came up to me, and said something meaning basically that she had read it, not understood it in the least, and that it was a stupid speech. With that, I mercilessly smacked the back of her head.
So then we spent the rest of our vacation at Grandma's and on the road, battling as Pokemon in the pool and watching How to Train Your Dragon for the millionth time in a row. All in all, it was a great trip and I got a BUNCH of pictures of my dog licking something off the top of his nose. AAnd photos of other stuff too.... And this has all made me realize something very important.

I NEED FRESH AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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